After several months of onslaught arguing and continuous fighting. I have decided to start off new, fresh, and better. After finding my calm by peace-walking through the Alps, mediating near the lake, and a lot of other stuff that relaxes you. I have finally grown tired of the conflict. I invite the following members to a royal feast on the minecraft server a few days after it's launched. We shall make amends, and set off on a new start.

I would also appreciate if we all makes amends with each other and not with me. Make this wiki a fun place to enjoy and relax, and not a fighting hole from hell.

  • David Yellowfish I
  • Commissioner Lolz
  • Ryan Kenway
  • Matthias Kenway
  • Sir Joseph Grey
  • Samuel Darkwalker
  • Myself

This is simply an event that will remove the negative atmosphere and start new towards a better future for role-playing here.

Note: If you are not on the invitation list, please do not attend as not to disrupt this event. If you want to start a large event such as a feast, please do this at a separate time. This is specifically for members that have been battling it out for the past few months.

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