• The True Wolf

    A Sincere Apology

    April 5, 2014 by The True Wolf

    After several months of onslaught arguing and continuous fighting. I have decided to start off new, fresh, and better. After finding my calm by peace-walking through the Alps, mediating near the lake, and a lot of other stuff that relaxes you. I have finally grown tired of the conflict. I invite the following members to a royal feast on the minecraft server a few days after it's launched. We shall make amends, and set off on a new start.

    I would also appreciate if we all makes amends with each other and not with me. Make this wiki a fun place to enjoy and relax, and not a fighting hole from hell.

    • David Yellowfish I
    • Commissioner Lolz
    • Ryan Kenway
    • Matthias Kenway
    • Sir Joseph Grey
    • Samuel Darkwalker
    • Myself

    This is simply an event that will remove the negat…

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  • The True Wolf

    Here's some mods that I think will be good for da server.

    Provides maps of explored terrain that can also be used to place waypoints and other useful information.

    Allows to build AI armies that can wage war on a realistic scale. Can also be used for life in villages and can be used as bards, traders, guards, etc.

    Allows the use to freely move ships and air balloons around without any restriction.

    Shows and MMO style of damage and health indicators.

    Allows more rich GUI to be used.

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