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Well, here it is. I have talked to my partner, the Vice President ( Now returned to regular user, but this shall continue ), and we have decided to do reclaims and the map reset now, considering it is getting chaotic here...

Land bids

Nations will be divided in to Tiers, as they always have. Tiers I, II, and III.


  • Bold means primary bid.
  • Normal means secondary bid.
  • Strike means a secondary bid that has been placed, but is currently void.

Tier I Nations

  • Kingdom of Great Britain ( Includes Ireland and Hannover ) - Winner of bid: Johnny Goldtimbers
  • Kingdom of Poland-Lithuania - Winner of bid: G-man
  • Kingdom of Prussia - Bids :
  • Kingdom of France - Winner of Bid: Joseph Coalsmythe
  • Kingdom of Spain - Winner of Bid: Reyes De Luz
  • Kingdom of Austria - Winner of Bid: EmpressBluefeather31
  • Ottoman Empire - Bids:
  • Empire of Russia - Winner of Bid: Lord Andrew Mallace

Tier II Nations

  • Kingdom of Portugal - Bids :
  • Kingdom of Sweden - Winner of Bid: QueenOfSexy
  • Kingdom of Denmark-Norway - Winner of Bid: Kwagar Ocata
  • Swiss Confederation - Winner of Bid: LieutenantNigel
  • Dutch Republic - Winner of Bid: TheNextMaster
  • Republic of Genoa - Bids:
  • Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia - Bids: 
  • Grand Duchy of Tuscany -Bids:
  • Duchy of Modena - Bids:
  • Union of Independent Caribbean States - Winner of bid: Nults McKagan
  • Kingdom of Bavaria -  Winner of Bid:' Kaiser Luther von Klugg XIII 

Tier III Nations

  • Sultante of Morocco - Bids: Peter Coalvane
  • Emirate of Arabia - Bids: Roger Warskull
  • Electorate of Saxony - Bids:
  • Grand Duchy of Baden- Bids:
  • Duchy of Württemberg - Bids: LíthìumŒ
  • Landgraviate of Hesse-Darmstadt - Bids:
  • Duchy of Parma & Reggio - Bids:
  • Republic of Venice - Bids: King Ryan the Legend

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