Dear Community,

I would like to announce several spots are open for those wishing to help the Ottoman Empire. Mainly government positions, however, I would also welcome scholars, shopkeepers, and other manner of non-government employers.


  • MUST NOT be currently leading another nation (King, Emperor, de facto, etc.)
  • MUST NOT be a member of a hostile nation (luckily, we don't have any so far)
  • MUST state what position you would like to apply for, your experience in that field, how long you have been in roleplay, and the name you wish to go under
  • MUST remain polite and curteous to fellow competitors (assuming more than than just you is applying for the same position) and remember that the final decision who I hire will of course be mine


  • Minister of Education
  • Minister of Production and Labor
  • Minister of State
  • Minister of Justice
  • Supreme Court Justices
  • Head of Customs
  • Head of Religious Affairs
  • Chancellor of the International University of Instanbul
  • Chancellor of the University of Rhodes
  • [more to come should anyone have ideas]

From the Desk of the Sultan,


Sultan Mathieu I

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