Part I

I, Emperor Mathieu Kenius I, hereby allocate resources to our allies and other interested parties in an effort to build embassies in our capitol, Instanbul. I would also request the resoruces to build embassies in other countries.

Expected Embassies

  • Ottoman-Portugal
  • Ottoman-Spain
  • Ottoman-Norway
  • Ottoman-Great Britain

The Ottoman Empire has always encouraged the correspondance of diplomacy through ambassadors between countries. We look forward to opening embassies as soon as possible.

Part II

The Ottoman Empire would also like to announce a reduced tariff rate to our allies, which will be much lower than the standard tariff rate to other nations.

Proposed Rates

  • Norway - 2%
  • Portugal - 2%
  • Spain - 3%

Standard Rates

  • Switzerland - 20 %
  • Arabia - 30%

Part III

After a discussion about the recent dual-sanction act, we have decided to drop the sanctions against the Swiss government and to revoke recognition of the Falkland Republic as an independent nation.

Expected Resolution

  • Switzerland will no longer receive the imposed sanctions of an arms embargo and raised tariffs.
  • Republic of the Western Falklands is no longer recognized by the Ottoman Empire.
  • To prevent further executions, the Ottoman Empire has granted asylum to Chief Odkuf of the Odkushian tribe in exhange for his tribe's loyalty and good faith.

From the desk of the Emperor,


Emperor Mathieu I

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