I, Emperor Mathieu Kenius I, hereby declare denouncement of the Kingdom of Switzerland. Due to a recent increase of aggression and hostility towards other nations, the Ottomans have decided it is time to no longer recognize the current Swiss government.

Reasons for Denouncement

  • Switzerland declared hostilities towards the Portugese and have grown increasingly provoking towards the Ottoman Empire as well as Norway and Spain
  • King David I's friends have taken other's lands with the sole intent of gifiting them to him
  • The Swiss are attempting aggressive expansion into far too many territories too fast and have repeatedly been audited by the President of the MC Nations League

We have decided that the current Swiss government is no longer fit to be recognized by the MC Nations as a nation. I call upon the President of the League to hear our pleas and look into this matter.

From the Desk of the Emperor,


Emperor Mathieu I

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