• The 7th Master


    July 22, 2014 by The 7th Master

    I am going to give items and possessions, that I have acquired over the years, to people I have interacted with along my journey as a measure of my resignation. However, I shall remain in the advisory status of the Grand Palladin Order, as well as advising and assisting others as needed.

    To Samuel Darkwalker:

    • My Admiral uniform from my days in the EITC
    • My diplomat uniform, made for me by former King George
    • World-Eater's Snare, a mighty blade I crafted for your specific use
    • Key to the O'malley Estate in Ireland
    • A fine collection of sabres, modified by Blau Wolf XIV and given to me by Blau Wolf XIII
    • The Stinger, a long range gun given to me by Blau Wolf XIII
    • My personal journal, kept since my days as a Black Palladin
    • The Spirit of El Patron (kept in …
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  • The 7th Master

    Okay, so for the months I've been on this wiki, alot of users have purposely instigated me, lied to me, attacked me, and so on. I get the message, y'all don't like me. But why? What have I done to wrong you in such a way that you see fit to molest my sanity. I sit for long hours when I look at this wiki and wonder why you all say and do what you say and do to me. I can't wrap my mind around it. Whenever I press for an answer, I don't get much of a sincere answer. I really wanna know why I'm not liked, why I'm the target of so much hate, intolerance, prejudice.

    If so much as even one person leaves some bad comment that goes against this wikis rules of causes drama, I will close comments.

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  • The 7th Master

    Dear Community,

    I would like to announce several spots are open for those wishing to help the Ottoman Empire. Mainly government positions, however, I would also welcome scholars, shopkeepers, and other manner of non-government employers.

    • MUST NOT be currently leading another nation (King, Emperor, de facto, etc.)
    • MUST NOT be a member of a hostile nation (luckily, we don't have any so far)
    • MUST state what position you would like to apply for, your experience in that field, how long you have been in roleplay, and the name you wish to go under
    • MUST remain polite and curteous to fellow competitors (assuming more than than just you is applying for the same position) and remember that the final decision who I hire will of course be mine

    • Minister of Educat…

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  • The 7th Master

    Dear International Community,

    Due to recent events, many nations have found it worthwhile to set aside differences to deal with rising hostilities from Spain. Many pleas have come from his own citizens for intervention. Below is a list of offenses that the Spanish government has committed.

    • Threatening neighboring nations
    • Prohibiting basic human rights
    • Attempting to invade other nations
    • Corruption of the highest degree
    • Conspiring to expand into neighboring nations

    It is because of the above crimes that the nations of Prussia, Quebec, Poland-Lithuania and New Zealand have decided to break any and all agreements with Spain and ask that the International Union consider the same action and to aide us in bringing the Spanish Dictator, Chairman Frederic…

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  • The 7th Master

    Dear Peoples of New Zealand and the World,

    I, King Mathieu I of New Zealand, would like to congratulate Charognard Belemont on being elected Prime Minister of New Zealand. She is a political activist from France with a history in diplomatic affairs against corrupt states. Our nation will surely benefit from her. I hereby appoint her as my representative on the Economic Council and my personal representative in the International Union, in case of my absence. Welcome aboard, Miss Belemont!

    It is also worth noting she is new to the wiki, and we should all welcome her kindly and treat her with respect, as you would any other user.

    From the Desk of the King,


    King Mathieu I

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