To all Kings, Queens, Presidents, And Vice Presidents:

The Dutch have hereby sent several ships to arrive in Alaska in the hopes of gaining new land, finances, and better hopes of getting a foot hold in the new world, We do not wish to anger any Queen or King, The Dutch Colonist and Small regiment of Soldiers will arrive in March 18, 1748. A Fine day to the Colonist, who will be sent from New Holland shortly. And If any King or Queen is upset, Then we may discuss the terms and agreement in the SEW chat on the Swiss Empire Wiki.

- If Alaska is Taken land, We will head for Taiwan, In the hopes of becoming a known Nation to The Far East Clans.

goedendag from King Samuel I of Netherland.

Reminder: THIS IS NOT A ACT OF WAR, We only wish for land to take, for the better of our country.

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