Sam Darkwalker

aka Why do you need to know?

  • I live in Somewhere in North 'Murica
  • I was born on April 20
  • My occupation is Being Amazin'
  • I am Male, obviously.
  • Sam Darkwalker


    October 5, 2014 by Sam Darkwalker

    Im back from (My parents think im causing trouble.)I've seen ALOT has been done while I was gone. I'll be sure to be check up on all of it, but im am back from my "vacation".

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  • Sam Darkwalker


    September 5, 2014 by Sam Darkwalker

    Is it just me or is Chat broken? My computer just turns the chat screen white, it doesn't even show the names or what people said. I might of been screwing around (Mind my minor language) and messed with something probably from my F12 menu. 

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  • Sam Darkwalker

    My time here

    August 28, 2014 by Sam Darkwalker

    As you guys may know (If your still in school) Monday was the first day of my Freshman Year, and now today is Thursday, I haven't been on lately, but since I get out an hour earlier, I will not be able to get on at 7 AM through 2 PM, during my 4 hour period I then have to go off again due to my dad, (Who still won't give me back my computer rights.) which will be at 6 PM. I am not leaving, Rather due to my school year, I have slightly less time, making it slightly harder to schedule meetings or such.  Just to recap Im not leaving.

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  • Sam Darkwalker

    What are we?

    August 11, 2014 by Sam Darkwalker

    Okay listen, I may not be on here much anymore, (due to my dad) but obviously I can tell that people are getting irritated at other people. Ryan is a example. (Just to say I am not trying to get anyone mad at me.) Where is this going? are we just people who will argue after argument and argument? This all bloody started when the Server got wiped. (Mas didn't do it to ruin the server.) But before that, Ryan is clearly mad at MOST of us bc of some group Matthew wanted Vic and Gene to be in. Hell, that was the past, Move on, and stop letting the past get to you, Ryan.

    Matthew: I don't have any problems with you.

    Administration: I have no problems.

    Vic and Gene: Don't let Ryan trouble you, Im not gonna sit back and watch this Community, which we …

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  • Sam Darkwalker

    I hereby give Curaçao (A Small island in the Caribbean) to the Brethern coast as a act of good will, In exchange I am allowed to build a consulate, and have buisness in the Island as a result.

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