I, King Albertus Marcus Spark I, hereby enact this First Portuguese Safeguard Act of 1747 in order to further improve our nation.

Clause I - Border Deployments

In order to further protect the citizens of Portugal despite stability with their neighbor at this moment, the Portuguese First Division is being deployed once more to the broders of the two Iberian nations and even more deployed in the capital, Lisbon.

Sub-section - Naval Deployments

Along with border land deployments there will also be more naval presence near Gibraltar and in the Bay of Biscay to oversee safe transport of vital trade vessels withPortugal's allies.

Clause II - Immigration Policy

For a temporary time, those attempting to cross the Spanish-Portuguese border into Portugal will be questioned by Portuguese First Division border patrols. There is a set limit of how many Spaniards may immigrate into Portugal as well Falkland people and those from the Swiss Empire. In order to protect possible outbursts from those who are not allied with us these have been put in place.

Sub-section - Documents

In order to secure the borders and clamp down on those that may do harm, it is required by Portuguese law to have a passport with you at all times as well as documents of citizenship of a country. All people will be questioned and anyone who is found without them will be deported from Portugal.

Clause III - Expansion of Diplomacy

In order to further expand diplomacy with other nations, the international community has been called upon to approve the hosting of an embassy for Portugal, in return an embassy in Lisbon will be hosted for their nation. In order to serve Portuguese abroad in our neighbors and allies, Portugal intends to have embassies in order to not n=only serve the Portuguese but those who intend to migrate to Portugal.


King Albertus I

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