On this Eighteenth day of March in the year of 1748,

I, Queen Catalina I of Portugal, hereby sanction all nations part of the Grand Liberation Coalition formed by the Swiss and Spanish nations. The Portuguese Empire puts the following in place along with harsh tariffs for these nations:

  • Arms embargo
  • Raw material embargo
  • Medicine embargo
  • 110% Tariff Rate
  • Alcohol embargo

These have been enacted by the Portuguese Government due to the unprovoked declaration of war on Arabia and unnecessary invasion of France. The Portuguese Governemnt will not lift these until the wars have been put to a stop. If this does not happen, consequences may follow, much worse than those of economic relevance. Portugal and the government in Lisbon urges any other nation nthat does not support these wars and,or neutral to them, to adopt a similar policy towards any Coalition nation.


Queen Catalina I

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