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  • Nults McKagan

    On this nineteenth day of October, seventeen sixty one, the Caribbean Republic hereby cedes Surinam (Dutch Guyana) to the Kingdom of France. However, in exchange, the French must cede:

    • All Caribbean Islands
    • French Guyana

    It is noted that upon signing this document that France agrees to these terms.

    The territory in red shall be ceded from the Caribbean Republic to France. The territory in blue shall be ceded from France to the Caribbean Republic.



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  • Nults McKagan

    On the evening of October fourteenth, in the year of seventeen sixty-one, the Caribbean Republic hereby claims ownership of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

    Red represents the territory already held by the Caribbean Republic. Purple represents the territory being claimed.

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  • Nults McKagan

    Greetings, members of the MCNations wiki. I've written this blog because I have an important announcement to make concerning the Atlantic Pact. Yes, as I'm sure you've been able to decipher from the title of the blog, I am abolishing the Atlantic Pact. The reason for this is that the other three of the founding members have all left for one reason or another; the United States as a nation was abolished when we shifted time backwards to 1760, Poland-Lithuania violated pact policy by forming a new alliance, and the leader of Russia simply had to go inactive (which can be read about in-depth here), leaving only me left.

    I could have simply carried on the Atlantic Pact as was, but now that the other founding members have gone I want to have a f…

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  • Nults McKagan

    Goin' Camping

    August 20, 2014 by Nults McKagan

    Starting tomorrow (August 20th), I'm going on a camping trip that will last about 2938576648563856385628756274 years four days, but I'm not 100% sure on the length (we could get rained out, emergency, etc). I'll probably be back like Sunday or Monday. I just figured I'd put my blog from the other wiki over here so you guys knew where I was, since my last absense was unexpected.

    Be sure not to die too much while I'm gone pls kthx.  

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