As promised, here is a full list of countries that existed in the year 1820 in Europe. Basic information is included, and I also denote whether the country is already claimed on the wiki or not. Of course, as always, not all German and Italian principalities are included.

Western Europe

Country (Long Form) Country (Short Form) Capital(s) Historic Leader(s) Claimed?
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland United Kingdom London George IV Johnny Goldtimbers
United Kingdom of the Netherlands Netherlands Amsterdam, Brussels William I TheNextMaster
Kingdom of France France Paris Louis XVIII Jack Bluehawk
Principality of Andorra Andorra Andorra la Vella Louis XVIII, Bernat Francés i Caballero Parax.
Kingdom of Spain Spain Madrid Ferdinand VII Ze Assassin
United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil, and Algarves Portugal Rio de Janeiro John VI Victoria Risa Diverti

Northern Europe

Country (Long Form) Country (Short Form) Capital(s) Historic Leader(s) Claimed?
Kingdom of Prussia Prussia Berlin Frederick William III Reyes de Luz (Albert Spark)
United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway Sweden-Norway Stockholm, Christiania Charles XIV Queen of Sexy
Kingdom of Denmark Denmark Copenhagen Frederick VI Kwagar Ocata
Grand Duchy of Hesse Hesse Darmstadt Louis I N/A
Duchy of Brunswick Brunswick Braunschweig Charles II N/A
Duchy of Nassau Nassau Wiesbaden William I N/A
Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin Mecklenburg Schwerin Frederick Francis I N/A
Kingdom of Saxony Saxony Dresden Frederick Augustus I N/A
Kingdom of Württemberg Württemberg Stuttgart William I N/A
Kingdom of Bavaria Bavaria Munich Maximilian Joseph I Blau Wolfe XIII
Grand Duchy of Baden Baden Karlsruhe Louis I N/A

Southern Europe

Country (Long Form) Country (Short Form) Capital(s) Historic Leader(s) Claimed?
Austrian Empire Austria Vienna Francis I EmpressBluefeather31
Swiss Confederation Switzerland None Various leaders of the Tagsatzung Lieutenant Nigel
Principality of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Vaduz Johan Joseph I N/A
Kingdom of Sardinia Sardinia Turin Victor Emmanuel I Joseph Coalsmythe
Duchy of Parma Parma Parma Marie Louise I N/A
Duchy of Modena and Reggio Modena Modena Charles IV N/A
Duchy of Lucca Lucca Lucca Marie Louise I N/A
Republic of San Marino San Marino San Marino Luigi Giannini, Matteo Martelli N/A
Grand Duchy of Tuscany Tuscany Florence Ferdinand III N/A
States of the Church Papal States Rome Pius VII N/A
Kingdom of the Two Sicilies Sicily-Naples Naples Ferdinand I N/A

Eastern Europe

Country (Long Form) Country (Short Form) Capital(s) Historic Leader(s) Claimed?
Russian Empire Russia St Petersburg Alexander I Jeremiah Garland
Ottoman Empire Turkey Constantinople Mahmud II The 7th Master
Prince-Bisphoric of Montenegro Montenegro Cetinje Peter I N/A

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