This is going to get deleted. I'm probably going to get banned for it.

1. Get a server running.

There's no need for an alpha or a beta or any fancy gamemode/plugin ideas. All we need is a simple server with factions. Bugs are easy to check for in Minecraft, it should only take about a minute. If we keep the server lightweight there won't be any bugs to fix.

2. Stop changing land claims and the time setting.

1745 is a perfectly good year to start it. It's a part of time that we're all familiar with from our time on PotCO. We also need to settle on who owns what for good. These changes just set us further back.

3. Less administrative power in RP.

If somebody wants to do something with their nation that isn't absolutely ridiculous like giant death robots then they should be able to do it. The administration shouldn't be threatening to ban people for declaring war and other things. They shouldn't be able to remove people from power and mess with land. The administration should be enforcing the rules, not giving out threats whenever they don't agree with an RP move.

Sure, ban me, delete this if you want. But we all know that this place isn't functional. If these changes don't happen we'll keep repeating the same cycle of map wipes, time changes, and inactivity. If that keeps happening we'll never have a server. Without a server we're just idiots arguing over land with no real weight to it.

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