I, Frederick Kroshbon, hereby declare war on the Kingdom of France. During a conference held by France (but first proposed by me) was held within their Parliament, I had overheard the King and his Minister of Defence talking about spies and sabotage tactics, and how things would play out. Their targets just happened to be Spain and Switzerland, who were taking the initiative to bring about peace between all of us. Obviously, they were trying to take advantage of our Kindliness. Spain does not tolerate these acts whatsoever, especially in times like these. So, war shall be brought down upon the French Government. Here is a detailed account of what they were saying:


The Allies (The Grand Liberation Coalition):

  • The Empire of Switzelrand
  • The Grand Federation of Spain

The Axis:

  • The Kingdom of France

Scheduled battles will be here shortly. (Will be created by King Yellowfish I)

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