Celio Baresi

  • I live in Italia! Home of the Pizza Pie-a!
  • I was born on July 14
  • My occupation is Scribe, Philospher, and " Book-Worm " at Universities.
  • I am a guy
  • Celio Baresi

    After a few arguments, discussions, and other various forms of communication. I came up with a few ideas of rules that we could enforce. Please have feedback, but do not be negative about it. Thanks.

    Once a Month is a rule where a country can only invade another every month.


    • A Country can only invade one country per month.


    • Country A conquers Country B on March 21st. Country A has to wait until April 21st to attack again.


    • A Country can raid another that has declared war on them.

    Borders is a rule where one nation has to border another in order to invade. If there is no direct connection, then the country can invade the other. However, if a country, and it's target both border the same body of water. The country can depl…

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