Since we will be adopting 'Battlefields', I have come up with a series of ways we could make the battles more interesting.

  • Team Deathmatch (TDM)
    • Two teams skirmish across the map, the team with the highest amount of kills wins.
    • Use: For a typical battle between two countries engaged in warfare.
    • Respawn(s): Infinite
    • Winning Score: (Kills) 50, 75, 100
    • Weapons: All
    • Set-Up: Each team picks a base (French or Spanish) before the battle. The teams are then spawned to their base. Once all soldiers are mobilized, the gates open, and the battle begins.
    • Rules:
    1. Teamkilling results in penalty.
    2. Each person must wear his/her uniform (unless an Administrator or Spectator)
  • Deathmatch (DM) or Free-For-All (FFA)
    • Every man (or woman) for him/herself. The person with the best Kill/Death ratio wins.
    • Use: This would be good during a crisis, or anarchy in a country. The champion who is most powerful would rule.
    • Respawn(s): Infinite
    • Winning Score: (Kills - Deaths) 5, 10, 15
    • Weapons: All
    • Set-Up: All competitors are in one single base, they are not permitted to exit the base.
  • Raid (Full Word)
    • Two teams battle to their hardest to raid the enemy's vault and secure their treasures.
    • Use: Could be used in economic depression, or just a simple way to diminish your opponent's ability to rage war.
    • Respawn(s): 1
    • Winning Score: (Stacks of Valuables Stolen) 30, 60, 100
    • Weapons: All
    • 'Set-Up': The two opposing teams set up vaults to store their goods, and traps to kill thieves. The vaults must be in their base, and traps cannot be within 7 blocks of the vault. The vault also must be trap free, and be accessible (redstone can be used).
    • Rules:
    1. You may only carry one stack of valuables at a time.
    2. No Camping.
    3. Defenders must be either on the walls, or outside of the base.
    4. Enemies cannot be hurt while in your base from your own weapon, you must use traps to prevent them.
  • Capture (Full Word)
    • The enemy's leader is overseeing the war. Capture him, and it may end the war in your favor.
    • Use: This could be an interesting finale for the end of the war. Since the stakes are high, it should only be used in the last three battles. If the outcome however is dominanted by one side (Ex. Italy wins 6 of the 10 battles, while France only won 3), it could be altered. If such a case happens, the dominant side would have no leader to protect, and commit a full assault for their enemy's. This alternate mode is Dominant Capture.
    • Respawn(s): 1, 3 (if dominant)
    • Winning Score: Capture the Enemy's Leader
    • Weapons: All
    • Set-Up: Before the game begins, both teams (unless it's Dominant Capture, in which case it's only one) must set up thrones for their leaders to oversee the battle. The leader cannot attack, however he/she can be killed (or heavily wounded in RP) which will cause failure for the other team (If it's Dominant Capture, the dominant team would suffer a large penalty). 
    • Rules:
    1. The leader cannot attack.
    2. The leader has to be the highest ranking official in the country.
    3. The leader can move, but only a certain distance from their throne. They cannot exit the base unless captured.
    4. If the leader does not move while captured, and refuses to do so, the leader's team loses.
    5. If the leader is AFK while being captured, the leader's team loses.
    6. The leader must be sneaking while moving in custody.
  • Capture the Flag (CTF)
    • The enemy's flag is a symbol of their pride, take it, and burn it.
    • Use: It's purpose would be to add variety to warfare, and not let it be a typical Team Deathmatch.
    • Respawn(s): Infinite
    • Winning Score: Capture all nine blocks of the enemy's flag, then take it to the fire pit at your base and burn the blocks.
    • Weapons: All
    • Set-Up: Both teams must simply set up a nine block flag inside their base, with a fire pit to burn the enemy's.
    • Rules:
    1. The flag cannot be replaced by other blocks than the blocks specifically named 'Flag'.
    2. Flint & Steel will be provided near the fire pit.
    3. The flag has to be completely burned, not burning.

If you have any suggestions to whether something be changed or just a game mode recomendation in general, feel free to use the comments.

I will add more later...

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