Flags of the World

In Minecraft 1.8, or Screenshot 14w30c, we'll be able to make our own banners!

I've made a list of banners for every country with instructions on how to make them.

-> Click here <-


  1. UK
  2. Spain
  3. Russia
  4. Austria
  5. The Netherlands
  6. Denmark
  7. Poland
  8. Persia
  9. Piedmont-Sardinia
  10. Switzerland
  11. Arabia
  12. Brethren Coast
  13. Sweden
  14. Bavaria
  15. The United States
  16. France
  17. Gran Colombia
  18. Morocco
  19. Venice

Version 1.2

Check the downloadable file for changes.

The files will be uploaded to Wikia on July 30th

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