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Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Portugal (1640-1910)

Royal Coat of Arms


The following is the official law to the entire Portuguese Empire written and set out by the first semi-democratic King, Albertus I of the House of Spark. It lays out duties of those in government and the power of those in these seats. This also explains the cuties of each part of the government including the Crown Courts.

Section I - The MonarchEdit

Clause I - Power & OverrulingsEdit

The Monarch's power is still powerful and can do whatever it may feel should the time be necessary to take control, however no monarch after King Albertus I has the ability to revoke this document. The Moarch may overrule the Lord Judge or First Minister in Crown Cort cases.

Clasue II - Foreign AffairsEdit

The Monarch is designated the role of Minister of State. They are to conduct diplomacy with other nations themselves while the internal government governs itself on its own. This is a permanent right that can not be amended nor revoked unless done so by a reigning Monarch who may bestow the right on another leader or a new position.

Clause III - MilitaryEdit

The Monarch is designated and will always be designated as the commander-on-chief of the military. Not only this but they may also declare war, move troops, deploy troops to occupy specific areas of the empire, etc. It is though required that he/she speak to the Chief of Military Advisory prior to making any of these decisions or actions.

Section II - Crown CourtsEdit

To Be Finished.