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The Government of Württemberg is a fascist state run directly by Zerschmettert Party. The country, along with the Party, is run by the unchallenged master of the arts of war, bounty hunting, assassination, diplomacy, architecture, and avid mountain climber,  Führer Josef von Wolfgang-Lithium I, aka "The Bavarian Butcher." Württemberg is known to be merciless with its prisoners of war, subjecting every last one of them to death, work, or cruel and sadistic experimentation. Its capital is Stuttgart, also where its seat of power is.

All prisoners are immediately escorted to Blockwitz Concentration Camp in an undisclosed location far away from any civillization.


Blockwitz Concentration Camp


The current flag of the nation.


Alternative flag.


Basic InformationEdit

Religion: None

Language: German


General: Lithium


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Scale Armor - Diamond and Iron plated, with gold trim. Notably extremely protective and laced with Thorns that splatter on attack.

Most soldiers are hardened and trained ex-criminals, assassins, bounty hunters, and privateers.


Admiral: Lithium


Royal Guardian Armor: Light and plated with reinforced quartz.

Military StrategyEdit

Besides the standard diamond armor and swords, soldiers of the nation use extremely aggressive, deceptive, and relentless attack methods. Every single soldier is personally trained by the Konig to ensure maximum efficiency. The exact methods are undisclosed, but it should go without saying that the Konig is a warlord of death and destruction, said by others to have the capability of "cutting through armies without a scratch and toppling even the greatest challengers."


Nightwatchers by James Brett (track 1)

Death MarchEdit

Wizard101- Dragonspyre Main Theme

Wizard101- Dragonspyre Main Theme


Main Export: Chemical Weapons, Iron, and enchanted books

Main Import: War criminals from other countries, used extensively from cruel scientific experiments