The Russian Empire (Россійская Имперія) is a nation located in northern Eurasia. Though officially known as the Russian Empire, the country is commonly referred to as Russia (Россия). Stretching from the Baltic Sea in the west to Alaska in the east, and from Afghanistan in the south to Finland in the north, Russia currently holds the distinction of being the largest empire on Earth, and the second largest empire in recorded history (only behind the Mongol Empire).

Russia is known for its diverse population and culture. Spanning two continents, the country is a melting pot of peoples of different ethnicities, languages, and religions. With a population of more than 48.6 million people, Russia is also the second most populated country on Earth, only behind the Empire of the Great Qing (China).

The current head of state of Russia is Alexander I (Александр Павлович Романов), who assumed the throne 24 March 1801 following the assassination of his father, Paul I. Alexander I officially styles himself as Alexander, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias. The term "tsar", since replaced by the title emperor by Peter the Great in 1725, is still commonly used worldwide in lieu of the term emperor, albeit incorrectly.

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