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Under construction by Konig Wilhelm III


The government of Prussia is currently led by König Wilhelm III 

Royal Family

The line of succession is from top to bottom.

  • Konig Wilhelm III
  • Prince Alexander, Duke of Berne
  • Prince Wilhelm, Duke of Berlin

Office of the Prime Minister

  • Prime Minister - Victoria Diverti, Governor of the Ottoman Territories.
  • Minister of State - Samuel Darkwalker
  • Minister of Defense - 
  • Minister of Finance - Blau Wolfe XIII
  • Minister of Civil Affairs - Ryan Warhawk
  • Chief Advisor -
  • Vice Advisor -

The Ministry of State

  • Advisor of State -
  • Advisor of Internal Affairs -
  • Advisor of Welfare -
  • Advsior of National Security -

The Ministry of Finance

  • Advisor of Taxes -
  • Secretary of National Treasury -
  • Secretary of National Banking -
  • Advisor of Trade -

The Ministry of Defense

  • Commander in Chief of the Military - Koing Wilhelm III
  • Lord General of the Army - Chris Helmshot
  • Lord Admiral of the Navy - 
  • Field Marshall of Special Forces -

Ministry of Civil Affairs

  • Minister of Civil Affairs - Ryan Warhawk
  • Deputy Minister of Civil Affairs -
  • Secretary of Propoganda - 


Province of the Joeson

Bandicam 2013-07-23 21-07-36-724-1-

The Province of the Joseon Dynasty is East of Swizerland in Asia, connected by sea routes.

  • Viceory - 
  • Regional Representative ( Monarchist ) -
  • Regional Representative ( Constitutionalist ) -
  • Chief Commissioner of Northern Joeson -
  • Chief Commissioner of Southern Joeson -

The Province of The West Falkland Islands

300px-Jameson island 844744

  • Viceroy - 
  • Regional Representative ( Monarchist ) -
  • Regional Representative ( Constitutionalist ) -

The Province of The Ottoman Territories

725px-Flag of the First Saudi State.svg

  • Governor - Victoria Diverti
  • Regional Representative ( Monarchist ) -
  • Regional Representative ( Constitutionalist ) -
  • Eastern Ottoman Chief Commissionar ~
  • Western Ottoman Chief Commissionar ~

Federal District of Brandenburg

120px-Flag of Brandenburg.svg

  • Governor - 
  • Regional Representative ( Monarchist ) -
  • Regional Representative ( Constitutionalist ) -

Federal District of Bern 

  • Governor - Prince Alexander
  • Regional Representative (Monarchist) - Didier Burkhalter
  • Regional Representative (Constitutionalist) - Johannes Necker 

Information on the Prussian Empire

  • Capital - Berlin, Brandenberg
  • Population 7,599,651
  • Government Type - Constitutional Monarchy
  • Motto - 
  • Monarch - Konig Wilhelm III
  • Official name - The Kingdom of Prussia
  • Common Name - Prussian Empire
  • State Religions - Protestant ( Lutherism and Calvinism ), Roman Catholicism
  • Armed Forces - 800,500 ( Reserves - 250, 575 - Is being activated )
  • Currency - Reichsthaler ( ℳ )


Economy Information

  • Type - Mercantilism
  • Treasury - ₣30,000,000,
  • Gross Income (Daily) - £320,000


  • Gold
  • Jewelry
  • Silk
  • Fish
  • Naval War Ships
  • Silver
  • Weaponry


  • Gold
  • Jewelry
  • Diamonds
  • Platinum
  • Silver
  • Ink

Economic Overview

Subject Money (Gained or Lost)
Military Upkeep


Navy Upkeep (-)£50,000
Internal Affairs Upkeep




Invested Comapnies


Military Raids




Taxes (Taxing People)


Internal Economics






Gross Income £320,000/per day


Political Parties

Monarchial Party

Party Leader

  • N/A

Party Members

  • N/A

Constitutional Party

Party Leader

  • N/A

Party Members

  • N/A

The Prussian Military

Commissioned Officers

Explanation of Commissioned Officers:

A Commissioned Officer derives authority directly from a sovereign power and is charged with the duties and responsibilities of a specific office or position. Commissioned officers are typically the only persons, in an armed forces environment, able to act as the commanding officer of a military unit. Commissioned Officers are expected to attend a Military University and receive their commission upon graduation.

Prussian Military Information

  •  Lord General of the Army - None
  • Armed Forces - 1,000,000 +
  • Stations -, Genoa ( Is controled by the Genoan Government ) , Joseon, New Switzerland, The West Falkland Islands

Commissioned Officers Ranks


Lieutenant General

Major General

Brigadier General


Lieutenant Colonel



First Lieutenant

Second Lieutenant

Non Commissioned Officers ( NCO )

Explanation of Non-Commissioned Officers:

Where as Commissioned Officers take their authority from the Sovereign Power of their nation, Non-commissioned officers take their authority from the commanding officer of their unit. Their power and authority is limited only to other NCO's and lower ranking Infantry men.

Non Commissioned Officers/Regular Infantry Ranks

Sergeant Major

First Sergeant

Master Sergeant

Sergeant First Class

Staff Sergeant




Private First Class


The Prussian Navy

Prussian Naval Information

  • Admiral of the Navy - 
  • Fleet Admiral - 
  • Station - Prussian Trade Routes, Switzerland, Joseon, Würtemburg, New Prussia, The West Falkland Islands

Royal Prussian Naval Ranks

Seaman Recruit


Petty Officer

Chief Petty Officer

Senior Chief Petty Officer

Master Cheif Petty Officer

Fleet Force Master Cheif Petty Officer



Lieutenant Commander



Rear Admiral

Vice Admiral


Fleet Admiral

Admiral of the Navy

Diplomatic Standings

Nation Leader(s) Standings Relation Flag
The Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland

King George Augustus II

Prime Minister Henry Pelham (de facto)

  • Allied
  • Very Friendly
Empire of Spain Emperor Frederick Kroshbon
  • At War
  • Hostile
Kingdom of Romania

Queen Genevieve

  • Allied
  • Friendly
600px-Flag of Romania.svg
The Russian Empire In de-facto control by Poland
  • See polish relations
  • See Polish relatons
Rus large
The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Koneig Augustus III
  • Allied
  • Indifferent
The Empire of Austria Empress Maria Theresa
  • Allied,
  • Trade Agreement
  • Very Friendly
The United Provinces

King Samuel I

  • Allied
  • Neutral
Kingdom of Genoa Re Giuseppe I
  • Allied, Trading
  • Friendly
Kingdom of Andorra King Parax
  • Allied
  • Friendly
640px-Parax's Emblem
The Emirate of Arabia Sheikh Khalaf 
  • Neutral
  • Indifferent
The Empire of Norway Grand Emperor Kwagar Ocata
  • Allied
  • Friendly
The Republic of Lucca Generalissimo Josef Grau
  • N/A
  • N/A
Kingdom of Bavaria Konig Nicolas I
  • Allied
  • Indifferent
The Kingdom of New Zealand King Matheiu I
  • Allied
  • Neutral
NZ rippled
Kingdom of Quebec Roi Catalina I
  • Allied
  • Trading
  • Friendly

Portraits of Members

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