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Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia

Royaume de Piemont-Sardaigne

Regno di Piemonte-Sardegna

Konigreich Piemont-Sardinein

Political Information
Gov. Type
  • Parliamentry Constitutional Monarchy
Head of State
  • Re Charles Emmanuel III
Head of Government
  • Sir Mathieu Alesiano Venables
  • Turin, Piedmont
Long Name
  • Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia
Heir Apparent
  • Principe Vittorio Amadeo Maria
Social Information
Official Languages
  • Italian, French, Ligurian, German
State Religious Body
  • Roman Catholicism
Ethnic Group(s)
  • Italian, French, Sardinian
  • 1,220,123


  • Sardinian

Branch Information

  • Senato del Regno (Upper)
  • Camera dei Deputati (Lower)
  • Royal Corte di Sardegna
  • Il Ministero Reale
Territorial Information
  • Re Charles Emmanuel III
Aosta Valley
  • Vittorio Amadeo Maria
  • Savino Bergamaschi
  • Carlo Azeglio Ciampi


  • July 2, 1761 - Alliance is formed with the Kingdom of the United Netherlands though the Treaty of Holland.
  • July 8, 1761 - Re Victor Emmanuel I refuses to join the Abulen Covenant.
  • July 8, 1761 - Alliance is formed the the Kingdom of Bavaria through the Treaty of Munich.
  • July 9, 1761 - Alliance is formed with the Kingdom of Switzerland through the Treaty of Zurich.
  • July 13, 1761 - Re Victor Emmanuel I signs the Mah-do-Nor Concordat to form an alliance with the Ottoman Empire
  • August 5, 1761 - Re Victor Emmanue I signs the Treaty of Turin to form an alliance with the Kingdom of Genoa
  • September 12, 1761 - The Sardinian government is reformed and the nation becomes a constitutional monarchy.
  • October 15, 1761 - Relations with Sweden, Romania, and Spain deteriorate.
  • October 15, 1761 - Spain, Romania, and Sweden declare war of Sardinia.
  • October 16, 1761 - Soldiers from the Sardinian reserves are called up to service.
  • October 16,  1761 - Reserve personal are split in to Army Groups A, B, and C.


Il Ministero RealeEdit

Il Ministero Reale, or the Royal Ministry is the executive part of the Sardinia Government which has the sole authority and responsibility for the daily administration of the state. The Royal Ministry also is tasked with executing and enforcing the law.

  • Head of State - Re Victor Emmanuel I
    • Head of Government - Carlo Azeglio Ciampi
      • Ministro della Difesa - Attilio Lucchesi
      • Ministro degli Interni - Erminio Siciliani
      • Ministro degli Affari esteri - Lorenzo Colombo
      • Ministro delle Finanze - Savino Bergamaschi
      • Ministro della Giustizia - Frediana Lucchesi

Reale Cotre di SardegnaEdit

The Royal Court of Sardinia is the system of courts that interprets and applies the law in the name of the state. The highest court is the Cort Suprema della Sardegna. The Court does not make law (Which is, the responsibility of the Legislature) or enforce law (Responsibility of the Ministry), but rather interprets law and applies it to the facts in each case. This branch of the state is tasked with ensuring equal justice under law.

Corte Suprema della SardegnaEdit

  • Capo Giustizia - Alfonso Pisano
    • Giustizia - Cataldo Fanucci
    • Giustizia - Liberato Fiorentino
    • Giustizia - Federico Milani
    • Giustizia - Gaetano Lo Duca
    • Giustizia - Albino Monaldo
    • Giustizia - Michelangelo Buccho

Reale Sarda ParlamentoEdit

Senato del RegnoEdit

Camera dei DeputatiEdit


Esercito Reale

640px-CoA Esercito Italiano.svg

Chain of CommandEdit

  • Gran Generale dell'Esercito - Antoine Marc Augustin Bertoletti
    • Signore Generale dell'Esercito - Alessandro Pirzio Biroli
      • Generale della Garrison Torino - Guglielmo Pecori Giraldi
      • Generale del Cagliari Garrison - Carlo De Simone
      • Generale del Nizza Garrison - Alfredo Guzzoni
      • Generale della Valle d'Aosta Garrison - Louis Leonard Antoine de Colli-Ricci
      • Generale dell'Esercito Gruppo A - Re Charles Emmanuel III
      • Generale dell'Esercito Gruppo B - Raimondo Montecuccoli
      • Generale dell'Esercito Gruppo C - Fransesco Ferruccio

General InformationEdit

  • Type - Land Force
  • Allegiance - Kingdom of Sardinia, Re Charles Emmanuel III, House of Savoy
  • Active - 1324 - Present
  • Active Personnel - 24,250
  • Reserve Personnel - 37,000
  • Turin Garrison - 10,150
  • Nice Garrison - 6,085
  • Cagliari Garrison -  5,950
  • Aosta Garrison - 2,065
  • Army Group A - 17,800 
  • Army Group B - 10,200 
  • Army Group C -  9,000 

Marina RealeEdit

Emblem of the Regia Marina.svg

Chain of CommandEdit

  • Grande Ammiraglio della Marina - Simone Antoinio Saint-Bon
    • Signore Ammiraglio della Marina - Luigi Rizzo
      • Ammiraglio della flotta ligure - Umberto Cagni
      • Ammiraglio della flotta Ionio - Francesco Sivori
      • Ammiraglio della Flotta Gibilterra - Vittorio Arminjon
      • Ammiraglio della Flotta Expeditionary - Augusto Aubrey

General InformationEdit

  • Type - Navy
  • Allegiance - Kingdom of Sardinia, Re Charles Emmanuel III, House of Savoy
  • Active - 1324 - Present
  • Active Personnel - 2,250
  • Reserve Personnel - 3,000
  • Vessels - 77 (12 Ships-of-the-line, 15 Frigates, 20 Brigs, 30 Sloops)
  • Ligurian Sea - 5 Ships-of-the-line, 5 Frigates, 10 Sloops
  • Strait of Gibralter - 4 Ships-of-the-line, 7 Frigates, 11 Brigs, 12 Sloops.
  • Ionian Sea - 3 Ships-of-the-line, 3 Frigates, 9 Brigs, 8 Sloops. 


  • Type - Mercantilism
  • National Treasury - 500,000 Scudo
  • Gross Income (Yearly) - 


  • Iron
  • Lumber
  • Furs
  • Gold
  • Cotton
  • Tobacco


  • Wines
  • Ships
  • Silver
  • Olives
  • Fodder Crops
  • Livestock


France, 1740 - Copy - Copy - Copy (3) - Copy - Copy

Piedmont-Sardinia within Europe (Purple)

  • Piedmont - Piedmont is home to the capitol of our nation, the city of Turin. is it home to 610,061 residents. The city of Turin is home to our all branches of our national government, and the King and Queen both reside there in Moncalieri Castle.
  • Sardinia - Sardinia is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is home to 305,030 residents. At the end of the war of the Spanish Succession in 1713, Savoy received Sicily, and Victor was awarded the title of King despite already holding the title of Duke of Savoy. According to the treaty of London of 1718, Victor Amadeus II exchanged Sicily for Sardinia in 1720. Sardinia was then changed into the States of Savoy or the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia. This newly formed nation was made up of Sardinia, Piedmont, Nice, and the Aosta Valley.
  • Nice - The Franks conquered the region after the fall of Rome.<span style Nice had a period of independence as a maritime Republic (1108–1176). It was initially a semi-autonomous part of the ancient County of Provence, then it became in 1388 a part of the Duchy of Savoy, which became the Kingdom of Sardinia in 1720.
  • Aosta Valley - In 1031, Humbert I of Savoy, revieved the title of Count of Aosta from Emperor Conrad II of the Franconian line and built himself a commanding forification at Bard. The region remained part of Savoy lands, with the exceptions of French occupations from 1539 to 1563, later in 1691, then between 1704 and 1706.

Dipolmatic RelationsEdit

Nation Monarch Standings Relation


Repubblica di Venezia Doge Raolo Pisani   Neutral Unfriendly Oligarchic Republic
Regno di Genova Re Benjamin I Allied (Military & Trading) Very Friendly Absolute Monarchy
Stato Ponticio Papa Clement XIII Allied (Military & Trading) Very Friendly Elective Monarchy
Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino Unknown Neutral Unfriendly Constitutional Republic
1280px-Flag of San Marino.svg
Ducato di Parma Duca Philip I Neutral Hostile Principality 
500px-Flag of the Duchy of Parma.svg
Granducato di Toscana Granducato Francesco II Stefano Neutral Unfriendly Absolute Monracy
900px-Flag of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany (1840).svg
Ducato di Modena e Reggio Duca Francesco III Neutral Hostile Principality 
Flag of the Duchy of Modena.svg
Repubblica di Lucca Generalissimo Josef Grau Neutral Indifferent Oligarchic Republic
Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland King George II Neutral Indifferent Constitutional Monarchy
Reino de España Re Charles III At War Hostile Absolute Monarchy
Bandera de Españsssa 1701-1760.svg
Unido de la Gran Colombia Re Simon Bolivar Neutral Unfriendly Absolute Monarchy
Royaume de France Roi Louis XV Neutral Indifferent Absolute Monarchy
800px-State flag of the Kingdom of France svg
Republic of the Caribbean President Cannonwalker  Neutral Indifferent Full Presidential Republic
TCR flag 3
Imperiya Rossii Empress Yelisavet Neutral Indifferent Absolute Monarchy
Flag of the Russian Empire
Republik von Preußen Kriegsführer Erich Wolfram Neutral Unfriendly Stratocracy
Flag of the Kingdom of Prussia (1750-1801).svg
Osmanlı İmparatorluğu Sultan Abdul Hamid I Allied (Military & Trading) Indifferent Absolute Monarchy
Konungariket Sverige Stor Celeste I At War Indifferent Absolute Monarchy
Flag of Sweden.svg
Kaiserthum Österreich Kaiserin Maria Theresa Neutral Indifferent Absolute Monarchy
1200px-Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy.svg
Koninkrijk der Verenigde Nederland Koning Sammuel I Allied (Military & Trading) Friendly Constitutional Monarchy
1280px-Flag of the Netherlands.svg
Reino de Portugal Rei Joseph I Neutral Unfriendly Absolute Monarchy
Wspólnota Polska-Litwa Król Augustus III Neutral Friendly Constitutional Monarchy
640px-Royal Banner of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.svg

Empire of Danmark

Grand Imperial Order

Kejser Kwagar Ocata  Neutral Indifferent Empire
سلطان ایران شاهرخ افشار Neutral Indifferent Absolute Monarchy
Flag of Persia 3
الإمارة العربية أمير خلف Neutral Unfriendly Emirate
Bund der Schweiz Kopf Nigel Allied (Def. & Trading) Very Friendly Parliamentary Republic
Principado de Andorra Principe Parax I Neutral Indifferent Constitutional Diarchy
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