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482px-Coat of arms of Gran Colombia (1819).svg

Kingdom of Gran Colombia

Political Information
Type of Government
  • Elective Monarchy
Head of State
  • Rey Simon Bolivar
Head of Government
  • Hand of the King, Catalina Guerrera
Branch Information
  • Hand of the King,
Catalina Guerrera
  • Rey Simon Bolivar
  • Lord Judge Robert McRoberts
Social Information
  • Bogota
Official Languages
  • Spanish

State Religion

  • Roman Catholic Church
Provincial Leaders
Cundinamarca Duke David McMartini
Venezuela Duchess Catalina Guerrera
Boyaca Military Gov. Ronold Cobens
Quito -

Flag of the Gran Colombia (1819-1820).svg

Flag of Gran Colombia

Law of the Land



Bolivar Arturo Michelena
  • Rey Simon Bolivar
  • Hand of the King , Catalina Guerrera
  • Lord Judge Robert McRoberts

The Grand CouncilEdit

  1. Rey Simon Bolivar (Head of State)
  2. Hand of the King, Catalina (Head of Government)
  • Master of Coin ??? (Finance)
  • Master of Whispers ??? (Intelligence)
  • Master of Laws Robert McRoberts (Legal Scribe & Judge)
  • Lord Admiral ??? (Navy)
  • Lord General Ronold Cobens (Land Forces)

The Judicial CourtEdit

  1. Master of Laws Robert McRoberts

The Master of Laws is appointed by the King or Queen of Gran Colombia and oversees the Judicial Court and appoint judges to the Court. Judges are unbiased and hear out a trial when law is broken. Though, these trials can be overturned by the Lord Judge, Hand of the King, or the King or Queen.

Provincial GovernmentsEdit



  • Duke David McMartini
  • Separate Provincial Government


  • Duchess Catalina Guerrera
  • Direct Federal controlled Government


  • Military Governor Ronold Cobens
  • Military controlled Province


  • No Leader
  • Separate Provincial Government


Land ForcesEdit

Chain of CommandEdit

  1. Lord General Ronold Cobens
  2. Grand General ??? (Infantry)
  3. Grand General ??? (Cavalry)
  4. Grand General ??? (Artillery)


  1. Grand General ??? (Infantry)


  1. Grand General ??? (Cavalry)


  1. Grand General ??? (Artillery)

Naval ForcesEdit

Chain of CommandEdit

  1. Lord Admiral ???
  2. Grand Admiral ??? (Gulf of Mexico)
  3. Grand Admiral ??? (Pacific Ocean)



  • Great Britain - 5% Tariff
  • Denmark - 7% Tariff
  • Portugal - 6% Tariff
  • Habsburg Monarchy - 6% Tariff
  • The Ottoman Empire - 7% Tariff

Atlantic PactEdit

Free trade and No tariffs in place

  • Russia
  • Brethren Coast
  • Morocco
  • United States of America
  • Poland-Prussia
  • Persia
  • France
  • The Netherlands
  • Romania



  • Russia - Atlantic Pact Member
  • Persia - Atlantic Pact Member
  • Poland-Prussia - Atlantic Pact Member & Open Borders Pact
  • Great Britain - Trade, Defence, & Open Borders Pact
  • The Netherlands - Atlantic Pact Member
  • Portugal - Defense & Trade Pact
  • Romania - Trade, Defence, & Open Borders Pact
  • Denmark - Defense & Trade Pact
  • Morocco - Atlantic Pact Member & Open Borders Pact
  • United States of America - Atlantic Pact Member& Open Borders Pact
  • Brethren Coast - Atlantic Pact Member & Open Borders Pact
  • France - Atlantic Pact


  • Habsburg Monarchy - Trading
  • Arabia
  • Venice
  • The Ottoman Empire
Unable to contact (Neutral):Edit
  • Liechtenstein
  • Parma
  • Modena & Reggio
  • San Marino 
  • Tuscany
  • The Papacy
  • Montenegro
  • Rio de la Plata
  • Peru 
  • Chile
  • Two Sicilies

Watch List (Neutral, but suspicious)Edit

  • Switzerland - Tensions
  • Sardinia
  • Spain


  • Bavarian Republic - Sanctioned, Arms Embargo
  • Bavarian Monarchy - Sanctioned, Arms Embargo


  • Württemberg and Gran Colombia declare war on both Bavarian sides after close watch of the country.
  • Württemberg and Gran Colombia withdraw war on both Bavarian sides.
  • The Provincial borders are officially set. The country is divided up into 4 provinces:
    1. Cundinamarca
    2. Venezuela
    3. Quito
    4. Boyaca
  • Pro-Venezuelan Independence protests become more common place in Venezuela, Military generals sent to control situation.
  • Master of Laws absorbs the position of Lord Judge, Robert McRoberts is officially Master of Laws.

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