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The Aubelan Covenant, otherwise known as the Commanders of the Auroraguard, started after the first few battles of the Paradoxian War. The founding members were Charognard Belemont, Lord William Carlisle, Samuel Darkwalker, Grace Wildscarlett and Mathieu Kenway. The alliance swore to rid Spain of the corruption and evil that had infected it's government. As the war raged on, the alliance was able to go mostly undetected into Spanish ranks, in an attempt to crash it from the inside. Unfortunately, at the height of the war, Lord Carlisle went missing, Charognard went into hiding to grieve, and the remaining three were left with an alliance weakened. The alliance was disbanded and they moved on to other matters.


After years of being disbanded, the islands fell and Grace was claimed among the dead. Months later, Charognard returned to Mathieu to help him with his new nation, New Zealand, and Samuel became King of the Netherlands. Around this same time, a former Lieutenant of ex-King Phillipe Clemente, Frederick Kroshbon, began ramping up hostilities against neighboring nations and attempting to invade countries abroad. With Charognard back, the alliance was rekindled and other nations decided to join up. Poland, Quebec and Prussia all signed on to the alliance, followed by Andorra. Several individuals signed on to the alliance as well, including Prince Alexander of Prussia. The rekindled alliance declared war on Spain on Wednesday June 25th, 1748. After the declaration of war was issued, a massive land bid went up and all leaders were forced to forfeit their rule over their current lands. The resulting bid broke the Aubelan Covenant's nation pacts, but individual pacts remained. With Mathieu in charge of the Ottoman Empire once more, he sought to reform the pacts with neighboring nations. [More as time goes on]

Current MembersEdit

  • Mathieu Kenway [Founder]
  • Charognard Belemont [Founder]
  • Nicholas Flamberge
  • Duke Raolo I

Current AlliancesEdit

  • Ottoman Empire [LEADING NATION]
  • Duchy of Venice